“I Have More Time…”

Recently some friends and I made plans to go to the movies. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being late! I like to be there before the previews start. I want to be seated, have my snacks, and ready to enjoy the feature. My friends are the exact opposite. They think they have an extra 15-20 minutes (because of all the previews) before the movie starts; but as they learned, it’s not wise to always assume you have more time. This time when they came into the theater we were already 15 minutes into the feature presentation. Then they wanted to try and disturb us by asking what they missed. “So sorry you should have been here on time like the rest of us.”

Are you like my friends? Ask yourself: “What opportunities could I possibly forfeit as a result of always thinking I Have More Time?” One of the saddest things I’ve done is reflect back on time I wasted. For example: There are several projects that I should have completed by now, but because of procrastination (and some fear), there’s still work to do. Now, I have to pray that I am still in God’s Divine Timing and that I didn’t miss any opportunities as a result of always believing I Have More Time.

What are you putting off right now that you could work on, but instead you keep telling yourself “I’ll get to it?” What are you waiting for? We believe we have (and are entitled to) more time, and while we trust and believe God for long life, we shouldn’t waste the time we have been given. Then, when we realize we’ve missed opportunities, if we’re not careful, we find ourselves in the woes of what could have been if we would have… 

Time is a precious commodity, so we should spend it wisely.

So, That Settles It. Stop telling yourself, “I Have More Time.” Let’s not waste any more time. Whatever it is that you believe you were created to do, get busy doing it!

Write that book!

Start that business!

Start that blog!

Go back to school!

Let’s become better stewards of time.

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes (James 4:14 ESV).

**By the way, if you haven’t seen the movie, “Breakthrough,” make your way to see it today! Such an Amazing movie based on real life events.**

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