That Settles it…

Shawndell Headshot 2 (6)My name is Shawndell Winfield and I am here to empower those who have been cast down, forgotten, counted out; the spiritual misfits, the ones who everyone said wouldn’t make it, the ones who everyone said you wouldn’t amount to anything.  I am here for you!  I found out the secret to overcoming those ungodly word curses that may have been spoken over you since childhood: PROVE THAT THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Cast down every negative word, every negative thought that the enemy has been whispering in your ear.  For every lie the enemy tries to trick you into believing, there is THE TRUTH based upon the Word of God.  Whose report are you going to believe?  We shall believe the Report of the Lord!  So, I decree that the devil is DEFEATED!  From this day forward you shall walk and live in the Commanded Blessings of the Lord!  You shall acknowledge yourself as God sees you!  Fearfully and Wonderfully made…A Royal Priesthood…if God said it THAT SETTLES IT!!!And so shall it be!!!

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12 thoughts on “That Settles it…

  1. Your beautiful soul inspires me, especially as I walk the difficult path I am presently on. You will do great things Shawndell…I can’t wait to read your story. Sondra


  2. Thank you for sharing God’s Word! It is truly a blessing to know that “No matter what WAS, has nothing to do with your “NOW” The devil is DEFEATED! I LOVE IT… PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO THE WORK OF THE LORD through uplifting others.


  3. It’s very reviving especially when going through difficult times when everything seem negative. I love it!


  4. So shall it be! Thank you Shawndell for such beautiful words of inspiration! Natasha, you are so right, your NOW has little to do with what Was, it does not define you and in the words of Ms. Winfield, “that settles it!” Thanks Jay for sharing


  5. You encourage me every day to be the best me. Ill forever be greatful for that & you. Thank you for believing in me. ♡


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